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Order by the truckload to get the best volume discount and turn a greater profit margin.



A pallet order gives great value at a more affordable price point than truckloads.


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Looking for specific products? Let us know and we’ll work to get them for you!

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  • We Find the Products You Need

    Tell us what products you're looking for and we'll make sure you get what you need to make money.

  • We Guarantee Manifest Accuracy

    We promise 100% accurate manifests and offer full refunds or credit on any and all inaccuracies.

  • We Don't Compete Against You

    We NEVER cherry-pick products and NEVER sell direct-to-consumer. We only sell to retailers like you.

  • We Work with Any Budget Size

    You don't need a 6-figure budget to get top-notch products. Make an order with Smaller Lots now!

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